Custom Web Development Services: 6 Benefits of a Custom Website

There are more than 1 billion websites in the world. Do you want to join the conversation? 

If your business needs a web presence, there are two ways you can get there. The first is to create a site yourself, using an online builder and template. The second is to hire custom web development services. 

As you weigh your options, consider the competition. Brands like yours are hopping online at an unprecedented rank, and to keep up, you need a site that delivers. Today, we’re sharing six reasons why a custom website is the way to go, and how our team can help you get there. 

1. Unique, Professional Design

Yes, pre-built templates can look snazzy when you’re browsing them online. However, re-creating that look on your own can be incredibly daunting. You might have the basic framework in place, but it’s still up to you to fine-tune the look and layout.

If you’re inexperienced in website design, this can be harder than it sounds. Plus, even if you do optimize your site, it’s far from exclusive. The same template you’re using is available to anyone else who uses that same builder, which means your content could easily get lost in the mix. 

When you trust your design to a digital marketing firm instead, you can rest assured you’ll get a 100% unique site. The team will take the time to learn about your business, understand your goals, and create a fully customized product that stands out from the crowd.

2. Optimized for SEO

Have you heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? In short, this is the process of making sure your website gets as much visibility as possible. There are many aspects to it, such as adding keywords and phrases you know your target audience is searching for, tagging your images, and incorporating links strategically. 

SEO can be a beast, but it’s crucial to understand it if you want eyes on your pages.

Professional web developers will be well-versed in this process and can make sure your website is properly optimized. They know the special touches to add to help you appear as high as possible on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) so you can turn those views into value. 

3. Compatibility and Responsiveness

A fully responsive website works well on any device, window, or screen size. If you’ve ever opened a web page on your smartphone only to find that the images are blurry, the font is way too small, or the video won’t load, then you’ve seen an unresponsive site at work. 

This is a common issue, especially when business leaders try to tackle web design on their own. The template website you select might look great on your personal computer but appear wonky on someone else’s.

Expert web developers know how to not only make your website responsive across all systems, but compatible across all browsers. This keeps the user experience consistent, regardless of which platform or program they use to view your content. 

4. Custom Fit for Your Business

In addition to beautifying the aesthetic components of your website, a professional development team can also tailor its function to meet your unique business needs.

For instance, do you need to support e-commerce? Do you have a large number of videos you need to display? What about different landing pages or web forms? 

If you use a site template, you’ll quickly find that they’re designed to be as generic as possible. Most only have limited functionalities, and might not be able to support all of your requirements. Rather than settle for less, it pays to invest in a premium design that can support your current demands and facilitate long-term growth. 

5. Maximize Conversions

Your site’s conversion rate refers to the percentage of casual browsing traffic that converts into loyal, paying customers. While you want viewers to spend time on your site, what you’re really after is their business. Even increasing this rate by one or two points can have a major impact on your bottom line. 

Today, the average website conversion rate is around 2.35%. That means a majority of businesses are leaving a lot of money (and missed opportunities) on the table. Likely, it’s because their templates are designed to appeal to everyone, not a specific buyer niche. 

When this happens, it’s nearly impossible to convince your visitors to enter the path to purchase. Instead, they’ll spend a little time on your site, maybe click around a little, but eventually leave.

A custom design caters to the people who are most likely to need and buy your products or services. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, your developers will create a site that incorporates visuals, text, and interactive elements that your target users crave.

6. Save Time and Money

You may think that taking a DIY approach to your website design will save your business time and money. However, the opposite usually occurs.

When everything is on your shoulders, you’ll spend a ton of time tweaking and modifying the template, which means you’re not spending it on your business. If you decide to build it from the ground up, that means learning code. 

When you outsource this task to a digital marketing team, it frees you up to work on value-adding initiatives. It also saves your IT team from fielding an endless stream of questions and getting bogged down with this one project. While this service comes with an upfront investment, most companies find that it’s quicker and more cost-effective in the long run.

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