Google To Block Mixed Content Web Pages

Google SSL Mixed Content Feature ImageAs you may know, Google and other browser producers are making changes to encourage websites to use an SSL Certificate. The latest change is that Google will begin blocking web page elements with mixed content. For pages with this type of content, Chrome will show a warning to users, asking them to confirm that they want to visit the site before letting them proceed.

SSL certificates implementation plays a large role in digital marketing efforts influenced by Google. However, many still question the importance of securing their websites by SSL and don’t realize its impact on search results and website traffic through Google.

What Is Mixed Content?

According to Google, mixed content is when the initial HTML of a page is loaded over HTTPS, but then other resources are loaded over an insecure connection. This often happens when images, stylesheets and ads are hosted elsewhere than the main HTML of the web page elements.

When Will This Happen?

The change is expected with Chrome version 79, to be released in December 2019. In this initial release, users will be able to unblock the content. However, in later versions, starting as early as January 2020, there will be no unblock option.

What Can You Do?

The key to getting your website ready is to carefully check and update your website to remove any web page elements with mixed content. Further, it’s not uncommon for some websites to not even have an SSL Certificate at all. At Eyedeal Graphics, we offer web design and development services that can help you ensure your website is using full SSL and won’t be blocked by Google.  Request a quote today.

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