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Wadsworth High School Career DayRecently, our team visited with students at Wadsworth High School to share our experience as a local design industry and to present insight into the creative career path. Many students already understood that graphic design, original written content, and other creative elements come into play when providing marketing materials and services to clients. This presentation was their first in-depth look into how the day-to-day work of the career flows and what other roles at a company are needed to identify the customer’s needs, develop the materials, and deliver them.

Branding and Building Websites

Today, graphic design is more than just a field supporting marketing. Digital marketing requires a multi-modal approach, engaging viewers with content that appeals to multiple senses. Written content for SEO is still important, both on a blog and on the company’s core site, and bringing together those different creative fields with the data-driven analysis helps elevate the marketing efforts of client companies. Our presentation showed students how factors such as education, experience, and work culture give understanding on how those roles fit together. The field is changing, but the core design skills that bring an audience in and engage their attention remain constant. The key is finding new ways of using them.

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Eyedeal Graphics has been building print and visual media, websites, and branding initiatives for small and medium-sized companies in the area for more than 20 years. Check out our site to learn more about what our team can do for your business and get a glimpse into the industry if you’re considering a career in graphic design or website development.

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