Graphic Designer

Dan Lingenfelter

Dan has been a member of the Eyedeal team since 2006. During that tenure, he has served in the roll of a graphic designer overseeing or assisting in projects of all sizes and serving clientele from a wide variety of industries. Dan is dedicated and enjoys working with clients that have a story to tell regarding their organization, product, or service offering.

Dan has worked in the graphic design industry for well over 25 years. Beginning his career before the “dot-com boom” of the late 1990s, his early career focused on the design of full and partial page newspaper advertisements. Design tasks of this nature enabled him to develop strong foundational page layout and software skills that paved the way for advanced opportunities with local design agencies. During the dot-com boom, Dan was an early adopter, teaching himself HTML and CSS, and creating websites for numerous businesses and organizations.

As a design and branding specialist, Dan’s primary responsibilities include brand development and logo creation, designing and formatting documents suitable for traditional print and digital distribution, and crafting visual and UI designs for various digital platforms such as websites and mobile apps. Other responsibilities include presentation production, photography and video shooting and editing.

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