Business Consultant

Ron Palitto

Ron has had the privilege of working in a wide variety of business environments and assignments.  This experience prepared him to participate in the growth and development of Eyedeal Creative.  On May 5, 1999, Ron decided to leave the International Corporate World for the opportunity to use his skills and experience to enhance the small and mid-size business market segment.

For 33 years, Ron was instrumental in building many teams of professionals.  These teams were focused on custom engineered equipment to all aspects of international business.  The challenges of multi-cultural staffing with multi-skilled perspective perfected Ron’s ability to assist with “Team Building” and “Leading a Business” in most industries.

The “secret” of team building and successful running a business is the process of leadership.  As an accomplished leader, Ron has been mentoring and coaching business owners and executives for almost 20 years.  His expertise in Strategic Thinking and Planning gained from over 40 years of “in the trenches work” has enhanced and launched numerous small & mid-size businesses. The teaming up with other successful professionals has enhanced many businesses and saved a few from collapse.

Ron finds great satisfaction discovering the circumstances surrounding a “new” business challenge so he can assist the leader with decision making.  His business principles motivate the Business Teams to achieve success.  When not helping other leaders, Ron is known as the Consultant’s Consultant within the HUB Family of Businesses.  For more discussion or information, please email Ron or call 330-335-7271.

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