Stock Imagery At Your Fingertips

Stock Imagery at Your Fingertips

Visual Attraction has an important role in declaring your project successful. Stock Imagery is a source of enhancement for websites, blogs, printed products, advertisements, branding, slideshows, and any other personal or commercial project you might encounter. Let’s say you are a business owner. Do you have goals for finding a creative approach in presenting appealing and relative content? Are you interested in attracting loyalty from your customers? There’s always room for more strategic engagement in content marketing.

Unfortunately great stock imagery doesn’t always come to you. Seeking out a photographer requires both time and money. Producing photos on your own also takes time, requires talent, expensive equipment, and can be a distraction from your ultimate project. Although the web is stocked full of resources for downloading imagery, not all of those sources are reliable in quantity or quality.

You may be wondering why not Google? As you are likely aware, google images are copyrighted and are not to be used in your projects. They are for reference, observation, and informational purpose only. Because of a charge from Getty Images, Google has made the recent decision to remove the view image link on their image listings. This now makes it harder to steal images and causes more people to navigate directly to the website containing those images. Save time and don’t rely on Google for images!

Some links to the favorite and most frequently used stock imagery sites for raster images, vector artwork, and video that Eyedeal Graphics recommends to clients are compiled below. These sites provide low cost or completely free imagery that are open to editing and alteration. A few require author attribution while others do not. They have been more than satisfying to enhance many of our creations, yet do not limit us from looking elsewhere. Keep in mind that there’s a wide variety of resources to find even more visual appeal if you are left excited for more. Great stock imagery just came to you!

Need some assistance in putting your new imagery to good use? Be sure to connect with Eyedeal Graphics where we can share more tips and help you develop a professional design for your print based, digital or branding project.


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