The Core of Visual Identity

The Core of Visual Identity FeatureDoes the visual representation of your company give you satisfaction and pride? There are specific factors that promote that pride, many of which are kept hidden in our underlying senses. Let’s start off by defining what a brand is and how it relates to visual identity.

Visual Identity is not what establishes a brand. Your brand can be defined by intangible qualities that a customer feels upon interaction with your company. The way they are treated, the quality of products served and the need for service are what really sets a business value. So what’s the substance of visual representation? How much does an average logo downgrade a spectacular brand and at what stage of business development should this be considered?

I don’t need to know anything about your business to answer the question above. The fact is, you have never had a client make an inquiry without an initial form of introduction or connection. And they will likely not come back without recognition. What do they see when they pass by your location or search online? If your brand isn’t recognized, no one will remember to return, no matter how great of a brand it is.

The core of your visual identity is your logo. It is the beating heart of your whole visual representation. If you have a website, business cards, catalogs or any material that speaks to your brand, the foundational visual language should be established by your logo with the rest of your artwork corresponding in harmony with its shape, colors, fonts, and interpretation.

The psychology behind the way a professional logo is designed is often undervalued. Color combinations work behind the scenes to give the viewer a perception that impacts them, whether they are aware of this impact or not. Rounded or sharp edges may dictate comfort or precision. Simplicity can represent confidence while modern style declares boldness and confidence.

Designing accurate visual representation is a multi-layered and important process. Do you have ideas on visual components for your brand that you would like to see utilized, enhanced and brought to life? Does your logo need help or is it dated? Contact us here at Eyedeal Graphics to share with us how you would like to be recognized and we will be more than glad to build or bring more life to your visual existence!

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