We’ve Rebranded!

The Eyedeal team is pleased to announce our very own rebrand! As of today, Eyedeal Graphics is officially Eyedeal Creative!

Now is the time to enhance our brand identity and communicate who and what we are! We are a creative agency that offers a wide variety of design, development, marketing, and media services. Our team has worked over the past year to develop this change, and we are grateful to share it with you.

Why a Change

For years, Eyedeal has been transitioning as the needs of our clients have changed, and the industry has evolved. We have had to adapt and grow, shedding some things we did before and expanding into new areas. For many years now, a lot of our work has been in the digital space (web design, development, eCommerce, integrations), while we have continued to serve in graphic design and marketing collateral. In brief, this is why we changed our name from Graphics to Creative.

Beyond changing the name, we have upgraded the logo. We have maintained a similar look and feel with the typeface to honor our past but updated the icon. Some may recognize the older icon as a symbol representing a printer-registration mark. We wanted to go with a more straightforward and modern design but still referred to the “eye” in our name and the “E.” We also took the opportunity to use some fresh colors that spoke to our personality and creativity.

Our Expanded Services

We provide four different branches of services to our clients.

Design: Logo Design, Brand Development, Web Design, Collateral Material, Packaging Design, Signage

Development: Web Development, eCommerce, Website Integrations, App Development, SEO & Analytics, Website Maintenance

Marketing: Online Presence Consulting, Social Media Consulting, Email Marketing Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Analytics, Content Creation

Media: Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Business Presentations, Augmented Reality

Our services incorporate quality work and insight that our team of experienced professionals brings to life. Nothing is more important to us than providing our clients with world-class service.

We are Eyedeal. We are Eyedeal Design, Development, Marketing, and Media.

We are Eyedeal Creative.

We look forward to serving you for many years in the future!

Wanna Get Creative?

Let's Get Creative Then!