Raster vs Vector Difference

Raster and Vector Images – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever been confused in knowing which file format to submit to your graphic designer or printer? Maybe you would just like to know why they’re so picky with what you submit! Isn’t one large-scale, high resolution document all you will ever need? I’m afraid the answer is no. Many people, including some of … Read more

Top Do’s and Don’ts for an Effective Web Presence in 2019

Everyone is online all the time in 2019. Big box stores to small businesses, the baby boomers to teenagers. If a business is going to be successful today, they need to have a complete online presence. There are many different factors that go into having effective Internet visibility for your customers and clients. Multiple components … Read more

Stock Imagery at Your Fingertips

Stock Imagery At Your Fingertips

Visual Attraction has an important role in declaring your project successful. Stock Imagery is a source of enhancement for websites, blogs, printed products, advertisements, branding, slideshows, and any other personal or commercial project you might encounter. Let’s say you are a business owner. Do you have goals for finding a creative approach in presenting appealing … Read more

One Million Googe Photo Views - Why Google my Business Matters

A Million Photo Views – Why Google My Business Matters

On October 17, 2018, I got an email from Google informing me that my Local Guide photos have been viewed over a million times. The initial feeling of seeing 1,000,000 views associated with my efforts was somewhat rewarding. But some self-imposed pat on the back for being a Google contributor is not the real story … Read more

Eyedeal Graphics - V6

Eyedeal Graphics V6

With the increased use of internet connected mobile devices, its a simple fact that any modern website needs to provide a responsive presentation. In other words, a successful website should be just as engaging, aesthetically and functionally, on a phone or tablet device as it is on a 27 inch widescreen display.

Sharpen your image

Sharpen Your Image

“Image” is the public face of your business within the local, regional or global marketing community. It plays a key role in attracting people to your organization and the products and services that you offer. Is your business image still visually relevant or does it pine for a little love?

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